Community Education Lecture Series


Children and the Outdoors

- Debra Stoner

“Chill Out on a Hot Day”: Exertional Heat Illness in the Wilderness

- Frederick Trayers

Cold Injury: When It's Not Cool To Be Cool

- Andre Pennardt

High Altitude Medicine

- Tim Burdick

Injury Prevention for the Outdoor Enthusiast

- Brian Junnila, Phillip Levy

International Travel

- Stay Healthy, Stay Wise - Cindy Bitter

Introduction to Search and Rescue

- Aaron Billin, Will Smith

Laceration, Burn, and Blister Care in the Wilderness

- Hong Chong, Phillip Levy

Shocking Reality of Lightning Injuries

- Benjamin Abo, Seth Hawkins

Medical Support to Wildland Fire Operations - New!

- J. Noah Jordahl, Joshua Nackenson, Seth Hawkins

Outdoor Injuries : Musculoskeletal

- Tim Burdick

Plants in the Wilderness

- Mark Christensen, Michael Caudell

Scuba Diving Safety

- Matthew Steimle, Phillip Levy, Robert Sherwin

Stepping into the Wild

- Andrew Beeghly, Michael Caudell

Sun and Bugs: Minimizing the Misery

- Debra Stoner, Jeff Poland

Water Purification: Avoiding Intestinal Hitchhikers

- Seth Althoff

Wild Animal Attacks

- Luanne Freer, Lily Conrad


Among the many things that makes the Wilderness Medical Society unique and special is our commitment to education. As a centerpiece of our mission statement, we promote education in many ways. In addition to our regular and frequent accredited CME conferences, we maintain a vast library of material developed and created by Society members.

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