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COVID-19 in-person event participant requirements/information

The WMS recognizes the importance of keeping our members safe during conferences and other in-person courses and gatherings. We accept that in the current endemic state of COVID no policy can 100% prevent any transmission of COVID. We trust that our members, medical professionals, are honest and promote the health of themselves and other members by following these guidelines. 

  1. The WMS requires all eligible attendees to be fully vaccinated or if you are not vaccinated for any reason, you are required to wear a mask.
  2. The WMS requires all attendees to be able to show proof of a negative COVID test within 24 hours of the event. Home tests are acceptable.  A photo of the test on your phone would be considered sufficient proof**.
    • If you test positive, please contact the WMS, and do not attend the event in person.
    • If you test positive, after 5 days you can re-test, and if negative with resolved symptoms join the activity. 
    • If still positive at 5 days, you may rejoin when you test negative or after a total of 10 days since the positive test. 
  3. The WMS requires that you are free of any COVID symptoms prior to attending any in-person gathering. 
  4. The WMS recognizes wearing masks can prevent the spread of COVID and encourages the use of masks when indoors and in close proximity to others. 

The WMS allows individual programs to alter these requirements to be more restrictive based on the activity and/or prevalence COVID cases.

*COVID Standard Operating Procedures

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICYWritten notice of cancellation must reach the WMS office by January 27, 2023 in order to receive a refund, less a $500 non-refundable course deposit. After that day, no refunds will be given.

After you've registered, we'll need to receive additional documents from you.

Signed WMS Release of Liability