GME Fellowships


In addition to the societal fellowship program through the Academy of Wilderness Medicine that the WMS offers, multiple fellowship programs have been developed throughout the country which offer an extra year of specialty training in the discipline of Wilderness Medicine. These programs are housed in a variety of departments and are providing a very focused and in-depth experience to physicians who are interested in Wilderness Medicine. These programs have a core curriculum and provide experiential training in wilderness environments as part of their educational curriculum.

The WMS is the societal home for these Wilderness Medicine fellowships and, as such, provides a forum for support and an exchange of ideas between programs in an effort to promote teaching current and comprehensive concepts in Wilderness Medicine. The WMS also provides an opportunity for the fellows to present scholarly activities such as posters and case presentations at our annual meetings.

2022 GME Internal Match



9:00 a.m. PT: Registration opens

Applicant registration:

Program directors registration:



9:00 a.m. PT: Rank Order List Certification Deadline



9:00 a.m. PT: Preliminary Match Report

Applicants learn if they matched (by email). Unmatched applicants can access the List of Unfilled Programs online (password protected).

Programs learn if they filled (by email). Unfilled Programs can access the list of unmatched applicants online (password protected).

Unmatched applicants can email unfilled programs to request an interview; Unfilled programs can email unmatched applicants for application materials (CV, LOI, LORs)

Unfilled programs notify unmatched applicants of offers for secondary interviews




9:00 a.m. PT: Match Day!

Applicant Match results available (by email and online).

Below is a map showing all of the Wilderness Medicine programs affiliated with the WMS throughout the country.

Green markers indicate fellowships that are certified by WMS.